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Online resource for:

Numeracy Assessment and Education   

These open source materials are freely available for use by healthcare Students / Employees and Educators to promote numeracy in healthcare.

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What is SNAP Services?   

SN@P Services is an online resource for numeracy assessment and education striving to ensure Healthcare students and professionals achieve an excellent level of confidence and understanding around general and clinical numeracy. The SN@P Service includes technical support, software training, access to a variety of clinical and general assessments and use of the SN@P Education resources.

How does it benefit a Learner?   

SN@P provides students, aspiring and qualified professionals with independent access to develop and improve their numeracy skills through the use of their own unique SN@P Account. Once registered, a learner’s account gives access to the Assessment Simulator, Learning Resources and a host of Educational features which aim to provide all learners with support and guidance as they prepare for numerical assessments within Higher Education, Interviews for Healthcare posts or career progression.

How does it benefit an Educator or Manager?   

The SN@P resource allows student regulators or staff management the facility to monitor the progression of their staff or students with regards to numeracy. Once registered, a SN@P Management account allows reports to be created around group numeracy assessments, monitor the progress of individual learners, create assessments specific to core general numeracy or a clinical field and determine whether the system is being used independently by staff or students under a Manager’s responsibility.



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